The Only Right Way to Do It

The Only Right Way to Do It

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“The best way to do it, is to do it!” ~Amelia Earhart

When trying to make a change in our lives, often we allow ourselves to get bogged down in details, overanalyzing, procrastination, dread or the worst, perfectionism.  We begin to think that we can never accomplish our undertaking to our own high expectations, so we defeat ourselves before we begin.

Instead of being our own cheerleader and acknowledging the small accomplishments that we make, we allow our negative minds to criticize and belittle our accomplishments.  Perhaps we even allow other people to dictate how we should feel about our accomplishments and successes.

I love Amelia’s quote because she gets rid of the superfluous and negative.  She is a great cheerleader because she she said it long before Nike did.  “Do it!”

Are you contemplating doing something that you absolutely know will improve the quality or satisfaction of your life?  Instead of thinking, analyzing, criticizing, perfecting, projecting, reorganizing, studying, distracting, procrastinating, philosophizing, or dreading, just do it!

There is no one, best or right way.  The best and right way is to begin.

Another great quote to help you along your way today:

“Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.”  ~Yoda, Star Wars

I’m definitely a do-er…it’s how I figure stuff out. Trying to conceptualize ahead of time never works for me, it only slows me down so fear and the other debilitators can side track me (or throw me off track!) That’s not to say I always go ahead and do something I know will improve my life….I’m also a big procrastinator so your post is a nice nudge in the right direction. Thank you!

Love that you said “doing” is how you figure stuff out. I’ve never been so good at seeing potential problems until I’m in the middle of it and have to shift course. But it all seems to work out that way anyhow. LOL – thanks for dropping by!


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