After spending a great weekend in kettlebell certification with a fitness organization, I am once again committed to the path that we are on at Warsaw’s Secret Fitness.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel that mainstream fitness has its purpose and place, but fitness is only the beginning.  Chasing cardio programs that choose constant, high-intensity over form and function leaves me cold.

When I started Warsaw’s Secret Fitness, I desired to teach my clients more than exercise and more than sweating for the sole purpose of calorie burn.  I wanted to give them knowledge, learning and discipline, not only in their bodies but also in their lives.  I wanted to challenge their beliefs about what their bodies were capable of doing;  I wanted to design a fully integrated exercise regime that was a reflection of each of my clients.

I think that so far, we have done a great job of creating a high-quality experience for all of our clients.  We’re different by choice and everyday, I am more committed to our path and our calling.  If you, too, are tired of chasing cardio programs that leave you wanting more, come and check us out.  You just might be surprised at how refreshing and challenging the difference can be.