“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.”  ~Michael J Fox

For some reason the idea of inverse relationships has been on my mind often these days.  It would seem that the sum total of our lives are spent in inverse relationships.  When I looked up the definition according to mathematics, inverse is identical to negative.  Negative relationships are inverse.  Inversions in yoga are upside down or when the head is lower than the heart.  The complexity of that thought alone could fill volumes.  Could it be a metaphor for submitting our heads to our hearts and suddenly seeing the world in a whole new way?  Perhaps.

Mostly, I have been thinking about the idea of opportunity costs associated with inverse relationships.  We cannot have it “all.”  We must always give something up in order to gain something.  The world is finite in existence and mathematical and scientific laws apply.  Fatty foods contain all of the flavor, calories and satisfaction, but if we too many fatty foods, we will gain weight.  Low calories foods such as fruits and veggies contain more vitamins and nutrients but don’t satiate our appetites in the same way as fat.  We get more volume for fruits and veggies but not as much appetite satisfaction and flavor intensity.

So in completely simplified terms, inverse relationships come back to the idea of exercise intensity.  We cannot exercise at 90% intensity for long periods of time.  We either exercise long or intensely.  We lift heavy for short sets or light for long sets.  We do Tabata for 4 minutes or lower-intensity cardio for 30-60 minutes.  We cannot do both.

When you look around at your life choices today, remember the idea of inverse relationships.  All choices you make negatively impact another aspect of your life.  Do you want to sit on the couch?  If so, your choice will negatively impact your fitness.  Do you want to overeat or over-drink at each meal?  If so, your choice will negatively impact your weight loss goals?  Do you want to find a different job?  Your choice will negatively impact your feeling of security in your present job.   The choices are yours. Consider well and choose wisely.