“Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” Alexander Pope

When we are down, beaten, broken or overwhelmed, a smile, a touch or gentle word can lift us high above our problems.

When we feel hopeless, a loving deed or prayer or thought can change our entire outlook even when the situation remains unchanged.

When we need hope, our soul searches desperately for the slightest glimmer to attach itself and the strength of another can carry us through the darkness and into the spark of hope.

Share your hope with another.  Give them the light of hope and watch in amazement at the turnaround.  Living a hopeless life is the deepest depression and it takes very little to give another person, stranger, friend or family, the gift of hope.

Find a way to share your hope and perhaps you will end up sharing hope with yourself when you see the change that your deeds and words make in the life of another person.  We all have ample opportunity everyday to provide hope to those around us who are suffering.