Faith is a continuation of reason.” ~William Adams

This week we again visit Ardha Chandrasana, half-moon pose.  We persist to do this pose as a continuation of our practice.  We began with a focus on the back body, followed by a the idea of goal setting to achieve the pose, and this week we switch to the idea of internal rotation of the thighs as a way to truly ground our pose.

In essence, our path and practice has been in reverse; we would normally start at the beginning, foundation through the rotation of the thighs and then move to the full expression of the pose.  However, the method to my madness is to give my students new eyes to the same thing.  When we mix it up, shake it up, view it differently, we can invigorate our passion and motivation for the practice.

Those of us who have practiced and lived long enough realize that our practice options are finite.  We only have so many tools in our arsenal at any given time.  To alleviate boredom, we must give ourselves new eyes and new ways of both understanding and seeing our practice.

Over the course of three classes, we will have experienced a very similar class, but because we change our focus of “how” we are practicing and not “what” we are practicing, the class and the poses seem very different.

Do you have a secret way that you alleviate boredom from your own life, practice or work?  Please share and join us this week!