This morning I awoke to the sound of someone at the stop sign revving his engine at 4:00 am.  It’s become a routine and I was once again, irritated that the driver would be so rude and also thinking, “Geez!  Why doesn’t he (or she) get a muffler!”

This time, though, I had been awake for a few minutes and truly listened to what was happening.  The driver was trying to get the car to start.  At the stop sign, the car sputters and dies.  This morning the driver made many attempts to get the car running again before finally stomping on the gas and driving noisily away.

As the sound of the muffler faded, I was left in the dark, and feeling pretty sheepish.  I had been irritated by something that I didn’t understand and fully realizing the scene taking place brought me back to my childhood. As I laid in my warm bed, staring up at the barely discernible ceiling of my room, I imagined my mom with us kids loaded up, driving to her job very early in the morning.

My mom often drove cars that were unreliable like the car this morning.  She worked hard every day to provide for her family and rarely missed.  We never had a lot, but we always had enough.  Even though she drove unreliable cars and we didn’t have the best of everything, we were happy.

As I write this morning, my heart wants to reach out to the stranger at the stop sign and let him know that I respect and appreciate him (or her), that I know how it feels to go to work and feel as if you never get ahead, and that the commercialization of Christmas only reinforces the feeling of poverty.

I’d also like to let them know that love and happiness don’t require money, and that there are people who notice their efforts- even if it’s as simple as sending up warm thoughts for them this morning while they struggled at the stop sign.

As for me, realizing the truth of what was happening around me this morning gave me a new mindset for the day and a grateful heart for all that I have already.  It also brought Tim McGraw’s song, “Grown Men Don’t Cry” to mind.  I’ve pasted the link below.  Give it a listen and take a moment to appreciate all that you have.  You probably do have it all already.

Pulsing (Certain Victory),