“Nothing is so healing as the human touch.”  ~Bobby Fischer

Last night my husband and I went out for dinner at our usual place, which is a small tavern in a little town near us.  A few weeks ago we had gone for dinner and an old friend had recently started working there, a cook I used to work with when I was a waitress several years ago. When I found out he was working there, I gave him a hug from my heart because I was happy to see him!

This man has has a terrific sense of humor and is very engaging.  He’s also an excellent cook.  The food industry, at least in our area, seems to undervalue their employees.  Cooks don’t have the liberty of getting tips for good service.  Instead, they grind away in a hot environment, working their hardest to cook all of the food orders in a timely manner with good quality, which is a challenging task at times.

When my husband and I were there last night, my friend came out and when he saw me, he actually came over and gave me a hug!  I was shocked!  It was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise.

At my yoga studio, we also hug each other good-bye and hello as our hearts guide us.  Human touch is what brought me to yoga.  I had the pleasure of beginning my yoga journey with an amazing teacher who gave hugs that made me feel as if I were special and welcome in her studio. When I worked in corporate,  one of my co-workers, a wonderful lady, always gave hugs on Fridays.

Last night, receiving that hug from my friend, made a huge impact on me.  It made me realize that someone I came into contact with had needed my acceptance and genuine care about him.   Who knows how my simple act of kindness and touch changed his day?  Who knows how any of my actions have affected others both positively and negatively?  I was lucky enough to see the results this time but how many times have I sent something out into the universe and how did my actions land on the recipient?  Were they better or worse for having our interaction?

I don’t know the answers but I know that I want to be more aware and accountable for my actions, my interactions and for the human care and compassion that are at my disposal with every person I meet.  I don’t have to necessarily hug each person, but a pat on the shoulder, an understanding nod, a matching of their state of mind, a calm moment of silence, all can work wonders to help me reach others and lift them up – starting this moment.