“If you’d rather live surrounded by pristine objects than by the traces of happy memories, stay focused on tangible things. Otherwise, stop fixating on stuff you can touch and start caring about stuff that touches you.”  ~Martha Beck

I have always loved life and found the world, and all that is in it, to be fascinating.  I am the proverbial “jack of all trades.”  I find myself interested in so many different activities that sometimes I become unfocused, unsteady and unproductive.  Being interested in life has brought with it certain difficulties that have actually set me back in my career.  I am still learning to keep  my focus sharp and am trying to aim it with laser-like precision on my future goals.

It took me several years of corporate work life before I realized, truly knew, that the money could not satisfy me and I had to pursue something else.  The irony was that both my supervisor and a human resources person prodded me toward pursuing my passion of human movement.  They saw it.  They knew where my heart was.  It was only after becoming extremely frustrated that I also came to the realization and “saw” it for myself.

I left my corporate job seven years ago and have never looked back.

Yet somehow, I still struggle with focus at times.  Being happy and interested in life is both a blessing and a curse.  Filtering the unimportant is challenging but I am learning.  I am learning to say, “No,” to those alluring and distracting seductions that waste my time and lead me on a path away from my true loves.  I am finding that distracted focus and divided attention only sets me back.  The distractions come wrapped in pretty boxes that look so innocent; a little off-track research that leads to new and undiscovered territory;  an inviting retreat or certification that ultimately leads away from my path.

No, I am getting wiser with age.  I am better able to know who I am and where I am going.  I have two passions, kettlebell and yoga, and those passions work beautifully.  Together, we are intertwined, solid, focused and reliable.  They give me the focus I need to be successful in my chosen field, and together, we provide a thorough movement program that is safe and effective for a vast array of clients and their goals.

Undivided focus is necessary for life and happiness.  A life without focused attention on the important aspects of life is destined for a ho-hum existence but there are ways to increase your focus and on your “loves” as well.

  • Say “No” now and then.  Don’t feel as if you must accept every new and interesting thing that comes along.  Chasing the shiny ball will lead you away from your path.
  • Say “Yes” now and then.  Don’t limit yourself to only those things you know.  Without taking a chance, you’re liable to become very bored.  Offer yourself a break occasionally without allowing your break to turn into a habit.
  • Write down your goals.  Yes, it helps to see them and commit to them on paper.
  • Visualize your future.  When you see your future, what does it look like?  What would make you happy?  When you know what makes you happy, you will find your loves and your passions.
  • Meditate on your future for a few minutes everyday.

Learning to focus your attention take time and practice, but I have learned that it brings great joy and meaning to life.