“You have to create your life.  You have to carve it, like a sculptor.” ~William Shatner

I’ve just returned from the longest holiday I’ve taken in my lifetime, over three weeks on the road with my husband and dog in our camper.  It was quite a grand adventure!  We took our time as we made our way west to New Mexico, coming to the conclusion along the way that we really like life on the road – the simplicity and freedom that it affords.

My friend who lives in New Mexico, made the comment that it must have taken us a while to decide the “when and where” but in actuality, it was simple.  We decided to take a month (January being the slowest at the studio) and head west (visiting her in New Mexico made sense).  Carving out the space for our trip was a matter of deciding (easy) and then planning (involved).

Traveling, which is important to my husband and me, requires that I put it on my schedule and make a commitment to do it.  Usually I plunk down some money first in the form of some sort of reservation.  After I make the initial commitment, planning naturally happens and rarely do I cancel.

Not only travel, but anything I want to do requires a decision and a plan, a carving out of the necessary space in my life.  Deciding to pursue my yoga teaching certification by driving to Grand Rapids, in the winter, on ten different weekends, staying one or two nights each time while continuing to run the studio and a home was not an easy decision, but once I carved out the time and resources, I paid my deposit and began my journey.  The commitment was enormous but I am grateful that I was able to complete the process through quite a lot of adversity.

Carving out a space for those things which I have desired in my life means that by making space, I am naturally sacrificing something else, something that may be important but not as important as that which I desire or need right now.  Carving out a space requires me to prioritize my commitments, my responsibilities, my time and my resources.  I have to decide which things I need to keep and which things I need to release.  For me, when I decide to do a thing, prioritization happens naturally.  Frankly, when I allow my priorities to decide for me, the things I want and need most never happen.

Carving out a space can be painful; letting go of things that I enjoy to pursue something that I need has caused me grief at times, while the pursuit of what I desire has caused me stress. Carving out a space in my life is akin to digging a knife into a festering wound to allow for new and healthy growth.  What I carve out is superfluous and makes ready a space for something better.

When I returned home from our trip, I made a notebook which contains all of the things I desire in my life daily, with writing being one of my top priorities.  I created a schedule and a space on each page for my pursuits (decision).  My plan is do my darnedest to commit to my schedule on as many days as possible.  What have I given up to carve out this new space?  Extra sleep and wasted time on social media and/or the internet.

How about you? Have you made new decisions this year (resolutions)?  How is it going?  Have you carved out the space for your new pursuits?  What have you given up to make the space in your life?  Do you still want to achieve your new goals?  If so, carve out some space by clearing your schedule, prioritizing your responsibilities and plunking down some money as your way of sealing your commitment.  In a few months, when you look back at the progress you’ve made, you’ll be motivated to continue the process.

Of course, if you’re interested in pursuing a healthier body this year, you can always call us!  My team and I at Warsaw’s Secret are more than happy to help you make some positive changes!