“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy.” ~Dale Carnegie

Sometimes you have to face your fears, swallow hard and push through.  Double kettlebell snatches have scared me since first I tried them.  They’re awkward, they take tremendous power and my mind can’t really focus on the movement because both arms are working together.   The first few times (I should have taken video) were really awful.  I felt like a total beginner even though I’ve done thousands of single-arm snatches.  I was reminded of the first time I tried to break two boards in martial arts, instead of one.  The effort was exponentially more difficult, not just doubled the amount needed for one piece of wood.

Over the last twelve weeks, I have been working a new program that requires me to do all of the difficult skills that I dread (and tend to put off), like snatches – specifically double snatches and the snatch test. Each week, I dread those skills, but after training for so many years, I know – more than just knowing in my head or repeating it vocally without feeling – I know in my heart – the hardest part is getting started.

Three times a week, for the last twelve weeks (with hardly missing any of the program scheduled skills and sets), I have completed my daily program.  Today, those double snatches finally felt good enough for me to video.  They also don’t scare me like normal.  I really believe that I have conquered my mental fear through consistent practice!

Maybe you can conquer a fear also by facing it head-on?  Joining this program has certainly helped me push through.  Maybe you could use a dose of scheduled time to face and overcome your fear?