“If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?” ~Khalil Gibran

Life has changed since the beginning of the year.  Shortly after announcing that I would be closing the studio, my husband ran across a piece of property in southern Indiana that looked like something that would suit us.  We decided to go look at it, and from there, a whirlwind began that uprooted us from our current home of twenty-four years and moved us four hours south to a location where we know virtually no one.  Life is funny that way!

After spending nearly my entire life in the Warsaw area, I feel a little lost and yet excited at all of the new possibilities and adventures that lie before me.  The most appealing part to me so far has been the opportunity to pursue a dream I have had for some years now.  I have signed up for the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Ivy Tech in Sellersburg.  I begin my first anatomy class in a few weeks and should be complete by the spring of 2021.

Throughout all of the chaos of the last two months, I have found it difficult to keep on task with my current kettlebell training plan.  I did quite well through Christmas and New Year’s but the last two weeks have been pretty awful.  I just chalked it up to changing priorities and am doing the best I can until I am fully settled into a new routine.  I’ve written before about changing priorities if you’d like to read it here.

Something new to me, though, is that I have learned how difficult focus can be when life is swirling around me.  Even on the days that I have been able to spend time in training, my mind has felt like an erupting volcano with thoughts randomly and furiously spewing into the ether.  To grab those thoughts and close the hatch has been nigh to impossible.  I actually gave up hitting any new peaks or personal records with my lifts and just hoped to stay steady on the plateau.

Even so, I have managed to keep myself pretty well together throughout this whole process and I believe much of it can be attributed to the indirect benefits of practicing yoga and relying on God.  I have developed a calm that I never had before or even knew that I possessed.  In the past, I have been much more of a worrier, but throughout this life-changing event, I have maintained a sense of peace that all things that would work out.  Maybe I am growing up after all.

Change, even good change,  is never easy, but I am happy to have the opportunity to learn and be somewhere new.  I am excited about this new adventure, but I do miss you all!  I have started doing some virtual training with my clients, which is turning out to be pretty cool!  Besides helping them keep up with their fitness, I get to see them and then I don’t feel quite so far away!

If you’ve never tried yoga,  I hope you have an opportunity to experience the positive benefits someday.  Even ten minutes a day on your mat can make a huge difference in your mental state.

Do you have questions about yoga? About moving?  About keeping up with your fitness during life-changing events?  If so, leave a comment below 🙂

Until next time.