“Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all, or having everything happen all at once.” ~Paul Coelho

I’ve been a fitness coach for over a decade now, and I’ve seen every possible scenario of unexpected life events that serve to derail people from their goals.  Some events are positive such as becoming pregnant, finding love or having new babies; others are painful – job losses, illness or death of loved ones.  Life is full of change, and the most successful people learn to roll with the flow while keeping an eye toward their goals.

I’ve said it many times in the past, but I’ll repeat it again; fitness is earned through consistency.  Sometimes consistency means commitment to training when life interferes – when sick, when depressed, when sad, when stressed, when the only time available is 5 am or midnight.  If you want to find out about commitment, check out some of the posts from past Kettlebell Swing Challenges on our Facebook page.

However, consistency does not require 100% effort at maximum capacity when you’re feeling less than 100%.

Let me illustrate.  When I was going through yoga teacher training, our homework was to be on our mats daily for a minimum of ten minutes.  One of the students caught an ugly respiratory infection and was quite miserable.  She came to class and said, “I found I could do Savasana (lying face up on the mat) and it’s a pose.  So that’s what I did.”  I loved hearing that.  She was committed to practicing at the capacity she was able, and to the extent she was able.  She was being consistent and forming a habit that permanent change absolutely requires.

Again, multiple times I’ve had clients arrive for their private session feeling less than their best. Most often they are either tired or not feeling well.  At these times, I don’t expect them to go all out with the kettlebell or cardio.  Instead, and because I have yoga as my secret weapon against adverse life events, I dig into the deep well of yoga knowledge and pull out something that fits their energy and ability levels THAT DAY.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness; yoga brings a sense of release and relief to those who are hurting – on many levels.

When you find life getting in the way of your planned fitness schedule, don’t sweat it (pun intended)!  Pull out some yoga. Down Dog app is a great tool for practice. Do Yin or restorative yoga, or simply lie in Savasana.  Yoga offers so many options that you never need lose sight of your goals.

If you need some additional help, I am available for distance training.  Send me an email or message me on Facebook.  I’d love to help you get started or continue your journey!

I’ve also added free yoga class audios to the website.  If you’re interested let me know, and I’ll send you the password.