Fitness Old School is just that – old school thought, ideology and training that has been time-tested and proven to work – yoga, kettlebells, martial arts.  You won’t find workout fads or new trends here, but you will find new information meant to build upon the foundation laid by these proven methods.   I’ll also give you workout reviews and information that will stimulate and challenge not just your body, but also your mind.

So please, dig through the archives of blog entries and learn more.  This blog is an ever-growing resource and motivational blog that began as a supplement to a small yoga studio (Warsaw’s Secret Fitness) and continues to grow beyond the walls and borders of yoga ideology to incorporate other proven physical arts.


I agree with you…” We are varied and dynamic individuals. We require variety because our lives, stress levels, and activity levels change constantly. Therefore, our bodies’ nutritional requirements are always changing”.

Since you have tried Yoga as well. Please try to integrate breathing and posture awareness with your practice of ” eating only when hungry and stopping when”.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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