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The Joy is in the Journey

As homework for the yoga immersion that I am attending, I have been working on my yoga on a daily basis for about three weeks now.  I only spend ten minutes daily on the mat.  Anusara founder, John Friend, calls it the “Ten Minute Gift.”  It has become a gift to me because I spend […]


Decide Now!

Last night, after a nice, but light dinner out with my friends, I found myself opening and staring blankly into the refrigerator.  Closing the door, I wandered over to the pantry and once again opened the door and looked at all of the food. I wasn’t really hungry.  I had just eaten a nice meal.  […]


Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership Back when I was a beginning Taekwondo student, my teacher gave me one of life’s deepest and most profound lessons on leadership.  Being new to sparring, he told me from the first, “You set the pace.” By setting the pace, I no longer had to fear what the other person was going […]