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Subtle Shifts in Awareness Bring Huge Rewards

“Everything you need to do to transform your life is easy to do.  It’s easy to become healthy, fit and vibrant.  It’s easy to become financially independent.  It’s easy to have a happy family and a life rich with meaningful friendships.  It’s just a matter of mastering the mundane – of repeating simple little disciplines, […]


The Burning Fire of Courage – Qualities of Yoga Teachers: Thirty Day Personal Challenge

Quality 24:  Courageous This picture may not look that exciting but I was actually standing on top of a guard rail that dropped about nine feet to the boggy marsh below.  The wind was blowing and it was cold but I was determined to find my balance and ease, even at the risk of a […]


Getting Back to My Roots

  I have agreed to teach a beginner Turbo Kick class this fall at IPFW Warsaw Center.  After two years away from teaching this high-intensity, high-cardio class, I thought that I had truly moved on from teaching serious cardio exercise in such a dynamic way.   I have truly embraced yoga and all that it […]